Thanks Seth

by Seth Miller

“Thanks Seth! We really appreciate your help!”

That’s five times in the last two weeks that I have had someone enthusiastically thank me for fixing their problem. I may be in my third decade of life and a man’s man but I still blush like a little girl when someone truly appreciates my work.

Today ends my second week with my new employer. Collier I.T. is an Enterprise Solutions Provider and an Oracle Platinum Partner. My role is to serve as a consultant and provider of Oracle database services as well as an instructor for Oracle University training.

I have always been excited when taking on new roles in my career. In fact, I can still remember my first day at my former employer, St. Jude Medical. I hadn’t done more than glance at an Oracle RAC cluster before I started at SJM. Now I was managing three of them. If you have been a RAC administrator for awhile, think back to when you went from a single instance DBA to a RAC DBA. It was an entirely different world and I was as excited as a penguin with a bottle cap on a rainy day (think about it).

Guess what I get to master now; the behemoth, the monster, the problem solver…the Exadata. Collier was also a SUN shop before they were acquired by Oracle, which means that I am surrounded by another technology I’ve been wanting to learn for a number of years; Solaris. And, I get to learn it from @SnatchBrain, a SUN fanboy if there ever was one.

So, here I sit in year nine of my I.T. career. I’ve spent more than eight years in corporate I.T. and now I’m wrapping up my second week with an Oracle partner. I’ve been an Oracle ACE for almost a month. I’m contributing to a book on Enterprise Manager with two of my biggest DBA crushes; @DBAKevlar and @RaySmithAce. And, I was recently published in the IOUG SELECT Journal.

Yet, I feel like I am just getting started. There is so much to learn and teach. There are so many brilliant people to look up to. There are so many eager people to mentor. I actually feel guilty sometimes that I get paid to do this.

By the way, the penguin thing didn’t mean anything but how many different ways did you picture a penguin and a bottle cap in the rain.