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Thanks Seth

“Thanks Seth! We really appreciate your help!” That’s five times in the last two weeks that I have had someone enthusiastically thank me for fixing their problem. I may be in my third decade of life and a man’s man but I still blush like a little girl when someone truly appreciates my work. Today […]

Career Upgrade

With much consideration, I have decided to take my career to the next level by changing employers. Many things went through my head while I was considering if this was the right path for me. For example, a job change is disruptive in the following ways. Starting over is difficult Things are easy to find […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Survey Feedback

OpenWorld exceeded my expectations for both of the last two years that I attended. I have already started planning for 2013 and can’t wait to see what OpenWorld has in store. I have a number of suggestions for improvement, a number of complaints that the planners of the event probably have no control over and […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2012

I was about to board a plane to return home to Minneapolis from San Francisco but since my flight is delayed for another hour I will share some thoughts about my week. Today concludes day seven of my second attendance of Oracle OpenWorld. It was bigger and better than ever. Oracle and the sponsors spare […]