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Career Upgrade

With much consideration, I have decided to take my career to the next level by changing employers. Many things went through my head while I was considering if this was the right path for me. For example, a job change is disruptive in the following ways. Starting over is difficult Things are easy to find […]

Discovering Systemd

I finally started playing with my Raspberry Pi (RP) after looking at it for a month still in the package. I looked at the available pre-built distros and immediately clicked on Arch Linux Arm. I have installed Arch Linux before on an older laptop that I have and was fascinated by it for no other […]

OpenWorld 2012 Presentation

My presentation for Oracle OpenWorld was titled “Efficient DBA: Save Time by Reducing Command Line Keystrokes”. Here is the slide deck that accompanied that presentation. The scripts that were included are in the notes portion of the slide deck. I have many additional scripts that I will include in the project called the “DBA Toolkit”. […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2012

I was about to board a plane to return home to Minneapolis from San Francisco but since my flight is delayed for another hour I will share some thoughts about my week. Today concludes day seven of my second attendance of Oracle OpenWorld. It was bigger and better than ever. Oracle and the sponsors spare […]

Basic Backup Still Eludes Most IT Professionals

I can’t believe this is still prevalent among senior level IT professionals. A colleague of mine was literally sweating when his laptop wouldn’t boot up. He was on the verge of losing no less than a half a decade of data. His response to my inquiry of what type of backup of his data he […]

Google 2-Step Verification and Tablets/Phones

The Google 2-Step verification virtually eliminates account hijacking but can be a pain when trying to sign in from a new computer or device. I highly advise those of you with Google accounts to use the 2-step verification and for Pete’s sake, make your password at least a little complicated. If you are going to […]

New Digs

I’d like to say that my absence over the last few months has something to do with my job change, but that just doesn’t hold water. Especially, since I only changed jobs three weeks ago. I just haven’t felt like writing anything for the last few months. I often think about blogging but it seems […]

Use Service Name in Oracle to Disable Database Login

Recently I was trying to do some database updates to a development database, but I was running into problems truncating and deleting from tables because other users on the system had rows locked with NOWAIT. I wanted to find a way to disable user access without actually taking down the database. I also had the […]