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Oracle Public Cloud Database Service – ORA-28374: typed master key not found in wallet

While prepping for the Cloud Attack! workshop at COLLABORATE 16, I spent some quality (maybe not so much quality as quantity) time on MOS and a number of blogs troubleshooting an issue on a 12c multitenant database in Oracle’s Public Cloud Database Service. I was running through the labs for the workshop when I came […]

How Can I Use Logging Tracing and Debugging with RMAN?

RMAN will provide more than enough information about what it is doing through its logging mechanisms. Standard logging is printed to the screen (standard output) by default. If you want to redirect standard output to a file, you can specify the LOG clause. This clause can be given as part of the initial rman command. […]

How do I identify and set my environment for the Oracle Database and Clusterware homes on a server?

When Oracle software is installed on a server, it generally has a single home referred to as the oracle home. The installer will usually add the oracle home to the central inventory. The location of the central inventory can be determined by querying an operating system specific oracle inventory location file. On Linux, this location […]

Query Active Directory From Your PC

I’m working on an Enterprise Manager 12c implementation with a client which includes integration with Active Directory for user authentication and authorization. The question came up, “How do I know which users are in which groups in EM?”. Since the AD groups in which the users belong correlate directly with the roles in EM, I […]

Oracle DB12c in Docker

Docker has been making a lot of noise in the last couple of years. It piqued my interest recently when I came across a tweet saying that Oracle had recently uploaded an Oracle Linux 7 image to the Docker repository. Containers are nothing new in the Unix space but they are relatively new in Linux. […]

OTN Virtual Technology Summit

On July 9th, 2014, I presented for the Oracle Technology Network Virtual Technology Summit. My first presentation was in the Systems track titled, “Troubleshooting Techniques and Alternative Methods for Common Networking Tasks in Unix and Linux“. The commands used in my presentation and a video file can be found in my Github repository. My second presentation was a co-presentation […]

EM CLI Jython Script for Target Properties

RAC Attack in a Box

The RAC Attack event at OpenWorld 2013 was a great success. Moreover, it exposed a number of challenges that the RAC Attack Ninjas are prepared to solve. Time is of the essence at an event so we want to come up with the most efficient process of going through a RAC install as possible. We […]

Replacement Menu Script for Oracle’s oraenv

This script is a replacement for the “oraenv” script used to set the server environment on an Oracle database server. It’s biggest advantage over oraenv is that it requires far fewer keystrokes and provides a lot more feedback. I’ve been using various versions of this script for years but I decided to put together a […]

Enterprise Manager 12c EMCLI Target Properties and Metadata

This post refers to Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 specifically but much of the information applies to earlier releases. The EMCLI command examples are using the Jython interactive interface. Examples are sometimes shown on multiple lines for clarity and may need to be on the same line to work properly. Most of the Enterprise Manager […]