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Oracle OpenWorld 2013 and RAC Attack

Less than a week from now I will board a plane destined for San Franscisco, California for my favorite week of the year. More than 60,000 people will descend on The City by the Bay to build a city block long tent over Howard Street and make the local commuters miserable. This year marks my […]

Tablespace Size Report Script (updated)

I actually found it a little difficult to find a good sql script for reporting tablespace size so I took one that was almost there which I believe came from Oracle-Base and modified it to fit my needs. Feel free to comment or modify. Update: I’ve made significant changes to this script including a header […]

Monitor NFS I/O

We use RMAN to backup to an NFS share. I was having some very lengthy RMAN backup times during certain time periods and the storage team was not able to correlate the slow downs to anything useful so I decided to monitor the NFS shares. I looked at the OS Watcher logs for information about […]

Tnsnames.ora and XML Solution

I have always found the Oracle connection strings (typically tnsnames.ora) difficult to manage. Even when using LDAP instead of the file, the connection strings still need to be managed even though it only has to be done in one place. After some planning and learning (and relearning) some atrophied perl skills, I created a set […]

How Far Back Can I Flashback My Database To?

Flashback Database Here is a useful query to find out the current limit of flashback database. Change the ‘US/Central’ to your local time zone to convert the time zone your database is in to your local time zone. The first column is the earliest point in time you can flashback the database to. The second […]

Oracleasmlib Not Necessary

Not only is it not necessary, but it may not even be available. This is in fact exactly what I discovered recently when I installed the Oracle Linux 6u3 and tried to install Clusterware on it. There are three packages that one would normally install as part of ASM: oracleasm-$( uname -r ) # Kernel […]

Debugging PL/SQL

I recently wrote a stored procedure that wasn’t working so I decided to spend a little time putting in proper debugging. I know there are better ways of doing it including utilizing the IDE capabilities but I just wanted something simple that would be portable with the code.

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 Survey Feedback

OpenWorld exceeded my expectations for both of the last two years that I attended. I have already started planning for 2013 and can’t wait to see what OpenWorld has in store. I have a number of suggestions for improvement, a number of complaints that the planners of the event probably have no control over and […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2012

I was about to board a plane to return home to Minneapolis from San Francisco but since my flight is delayed for another hour I will share some thoughts about my week. Today concludes day seven of my second attendance of Oracle OpenWorld. It was bigger and better than ever. Oracle and the sponsors spare […]

CRSSTATM: Fun with Awk

If you are not familiar with “awk” (actually “gawk” in Linux), you are missing out a very powerful and versatile interpretive language. It looks cumbersome at first but once you get a grasp of the basic concepts, it is quite simple. The authors (who very unoriginally used the first letters of their surnames to come […]