by Seth Miller

I’ve been reading about the products my company produces. I see a lot of pictures around the building of cool looking stuff, but up until recently I had no idea how it works. I also hear a lot of medical technology language that I’m not sure what function it has on the human body. So, after seeing the CEO on cable news talking about the latest investment report, I decided to do some research.

What I found was absolutely amazing. Over one weekend, I spent a solid eight to ten hours reading on elementary and not so elementary medical knowledge. The problem I had is that the research I was doing turned out to be the chain, or more accurately a tree of which the branches of different subjects I had to follow in order to understand the original subject seemed almost endless.

Take the heart for example. Do you know how it works? Yes, it’s a muscle that pumps blood, but it’s not magic, it’s science. And the steps it takes for your cardiovascular system to work properly are incredible. Although, I’m sure I learned all about it in high school, I have since forgotten almost everything I learned before the turn of the century.

I find myself staring at the pictures in the hall, the images on the TV screens in the lobbies and the equipment in the demo room. I so badly want to learn more both for my own curiosity and for the fact that I see an incredible opportunity to become a bridge between the IT technology and the products.

I can see that the product doesn’t seem to interest many people that I talk to in the area that I work, but maybe they just haven’t been introduced to it yet. I didn’t think anything of it until I just became a little curious one day. Anything to do with medicine would have been the last thing I would have said I have an interest in if someone were to ask me.

I have started to reach out to people in the company that are working with the products in hopes that I can thoroughly plant myself in the middle of it both so I can see more of what it can do for people as well as to get a better foothold in the business side to advance my career.