OTN Virtual Technology Summit

by Seth Miller

On July 9th, 2014, I presented for the Oracle Technology Network Virtual Technology Summit.

My first presentation was in the Systems track titled, “Troubleshooting Techniques and Alternative Methods for Common Networking Tasks in Unix and Linux“. The commands used in my presentation and a video file can be found in my Github repository.

My second presentation was a co-presentation in the Database track with Robert Greene from Oracle. The title of the presentation is, “NoSQL 3.0 Installation and Cluster Topology Deployment–HOL” My part of the presentation was a hands-on-lab. The files used for the presentation can be found in Robert’s Github repository.

I want to thank OTN, especially Laura Ramsey, Rick Ramsey and Cassandra Clark. A special thank you goes out to Robert Greene for collaborating with me on the NoSQL presentation.