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How do I identify and set my environment for the Oracle Database and Clusterware homes on a server?

When Oracle software is installed on a server, it generally has a single home referred to as the oracle home. The installer will usually add the oracle home to the central inventory. The location of the central inventory can be determined by querying an operating system specific oracle inventory location file. On Linux, this location […]

RAC Attack in a Box

The RAC Attack event at OpenWorld 2013 was a great success. Moreover, it exposed a number of challenges that the RAC Attack Ninjas are prepared to solve. Time is of the essence at an event so we want to come up with the most efficient process of going through a RAC install as possible. We […]

Replacement Menu Script for Oracle’s oraenv

This script is a replacement for the “oraenv” script used to set the server environment on an Oracle database server. It’s biggest advantage over oraenv is that it requires far fewer keystrokes and provides a lot more feedback. I’ve been using various versions of this script for years but I decided to put together a […]

Enterprise Manager 12c EMCLI Target Properties and Metadata

This post refers to Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 specifically but much of the information applies to earlier releases. The EMCLI command examples are using the Jython interactive interface. Examples are sometimes shown on multiple lines for clarity and may need to be on the same line to work properly. Most of the Enterprise Manager […]

How Far Back Can I Flashback My Database To?

Flashback Database Here is a useful query to find out the current limit of flashback database. Change the ‘US/Central’ to your local time zone to convert the time zone your database is in to your local time zone. The first column is the earliest point in time you can flashback the database to. The second […]

Find Instances and Listeners in Linux

I created this script to make it very easy to see which instances and listeners are running on my server. I mostly use it to make sure everything is down when patching in RAC. Stick it in your profile script, or better yet your /etc/bashrc so all users have access to it. function pl { […]

Groupwise to SalesForce Database Migration Experience

SalesForce contacts sales manager. Manager buys SalesForce. Manager recruits salespeople to migrate existing CRM data to SalesForce. Manager makes promises he can’t keep. Everyone comes begging DBA to fix problem on a deadline. This type is situation is nothing new to a DBA, especially one in a smaller shop. Here’s the situation. Our current CRM […]